Why Is Vicky Kaushal Not A ‘Perfect’ Husband To Katrina Kaif?

New Delhi: The news of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif being a couple and ultimately getting married in December 2021 took both filmdom and fandom by surprise because this was a romantic alliance that no one could think of. Vicky Kaushal was nowhere on the scene when Katrina Kaif made her debut in the film industry.

They are a happily married couple now and Vicky is trying to be the perfect husband.  But is he?

By his own admittance, he is not. He spoke about life after marriage, and opened up about why he thinks he is not a ‘perfect husband’ in an interview. Speaking about Katrina, he said he ‘loves’ his wife, and added that ‘a person in love is always the best version of themselves’. Vicky also added that he ‘tries to be the best version of a husband he can be’.

Asked about his ‘ideal man’ image, Vicky told Lifestyle Asia India, “I’m not perfect in any way. Not as a husband, a son, a friend or an actor. I think that’s the ongoing quest and the process of reaching that is, I think, where I’ve always wanted to be. Being perfect is like a mirage, you know? You always feel you’re reaching there but you’re never quite there. So, I don’t think I’m a perfect husband. I don’t think I’m perfect in any way, but I try to be the best version of a husband I can be at any given moment. Of course, tomorrow I will be better than I was yesterday but I always try to do the best that I can.”

“You learn a lot when you start living with a person and when you have a companion. I think in the past year, I’ve learned so much more than the years I was single because it’s just beautiful how you start understanding another person’s perspective and that makes you truly grow as a person.”


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