‘Will Kiss My Husband’: Couple Misbehaves With Cops During Weekend Curfew


New Delhi: A Delhi couple not only did not wear their masks during the weekend curfew but also entered into an argument with the police. The man was arrested after he and his wife allegedly misbehaved with the cops, media reports said.

A video on social media platforms shows the couple misbehaving with police personnel when they were asked the reason for not wearing masks. According to police, the couple also didn’t have a curfew pass. During the argument, the woman said, “He is my husband, if I want I will kiss him.”

Police have registered a case against Pankaj and his wife Abha, residents of Patel Nagar in central Delhi. D
News agencies PTI and ANI quoted police officers as saying that the incident took place around 4:30 pm. The couple, travelling in a car, misbehaved with the policemen when they were stopped and asked the reason for not wearing a mask. The woman misbehaved with the police personnel and said they would not pay fine and started arguing with them.


Police officials said that they were taken to Darya Ganj police station and the man arrested.

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