Will Twitter Go Bankrupt? Elon Musk Issues Spine-Chilling Warning

New York: Twitter is going through a major upheaval since the world’s richest person took over micro-blogging platform in a $44 billion deal.

In a matter of two weeks, Elon Musk has already implemented sweeping changes in the social media company, including sacking almost 50% of its staff.

But the company may not have seen its worst days yet. Musk himself fears that Twitter may go bankrupt.

In his first address to employees, Musk said that bankruptcy was a possibility if it doesn’t start generating more cash, reported Bloomberg.

Musk said employees should prepare for 80-hour work weeks and no perks like free food in office.

He also put an end to employees’ option of work-from-home, which had been in operation since the COVID-19 pandemic broke more than two-and-a-half years ago.

“If you don’t want to come, resignation accepted,” Musk reportedly said.

“We all need to be more hardcore,” he added.

Talking of Twitter’s finances, Musk said the company must move with urgency to make its $8 subscription product, Twitter Blue, something users will want to pay for, especially as advertisers have been showing concern about harmful content.

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