You Might Land In Jail For Searching This Thing On Google!

New Delhi: Almost 90 per cent of people among us resort to Google to find solutions to our problems or answers for our questions.


From educational material to shopping sites and food recipes, we can find everything on Google with just a click of a button.

However, according to a report in ABP Live, not all the things that we search on Google are safe. Some of the SEO keywords may land us in jail or make us a victim of some scam.

Here’s a list of things that you should avoid searching on Google for your own safety:

  1. Do not search ‘how to make a bomb’- If you search for the method of making a bomb, your IP address will reach the security agencies directly. The security agencies may take an action against you and might even send you to jail.
  2. Do not search for self-medication tips on GoogleWhen you look up for medicines based on the symptoms you experience, without consulting a doctor, then your health might degrade further.
  3. Do not search for your Personal/Official Email ID on Google– When you search for your email ID on Google, your account and password can be hacked. This might get you trapped in some scam.
  4. Do not download mobile apps directly from Google– when we download apps from Google, we might end up downloading fake apps. The fake apps will not only harm your device, but will also help the fraudsters in stealing your personal data.
  5. Customer Care Number– Do not search for customer care number on Google. Most of the time, fake numbers are put up by fraudsters on Google. When you call at such a number, you might get trapped by hackers. Get the Customer Care number only from the official website of the respected organizations.

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