4 Including A Woman Arrested For Kidnap Of Doctor In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Police have arrested 4 persons including a woman for allegedly kidnapping a doctor and taking ransom of over Rs 1 lakh in Bhubaneswar.

According to a release of the Commissionerate of Police, the woman, Irani Patra, called the doctor over phone and sought medical help as she was extremely ill on September 8. As the doctor had known Irani when he was posted at Madhubam PHC, he went to her rented house at City Homes under Tamando police station in the city.

As soon as the doctor arrived in the house at around 11 pm, Irani, her husband Bapi alias Nishikant Patra and two other persons Ganesh lais Manoranjan Pradhan and Girija alias Saktikanta suddenly took him to a room and locked the door. They assaulted him and took away the key of his car, gold bracelet and mobile phone.

They also demanded Rs 25 lakh to release the doctor and threatened him with a knife if he failed to pay. Irani also said she would file a false criminal case against him.

Finding no way to escape, the doctor agreed to pay Rs 10 lakh and shared the password of her Phonepe account. The accused transferred Rs one lakh to Irani’s account due to the fixed limit of money transfer on Phonepe.

Then Irani and Nishikanta took the medical practitioner to his house located under Infocity police station and took a cheque of Rs 9 lakh. Theys returned to Irani’s house and returned the doctor’s car key, gold bracelet and mobile phone to him and released him after threatening not to inform the police about the matter.

However, the doctor lodged a complaint following his release at Tomando police station. The police arrested the four persons after investigation. Girija is previously involved in a murder case under Jankia police station.

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