Agnipath: Kangana Ranaut Finds A ‘Deeper Meaning’

Mumbai: The recently-announced Agnipath scheme has triggered an avalanche of protests in more than a dozen states with Armed forces aspirants demanding its withdrawal.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut on Saturday sought to calm nerves of the angry youths by explaining a ‘deeper meaning’ of Agnipath.

Kangana, who often makes controversial comments, took to Instagram to explain why she supported the Central government’s scheme to recruit soldiers for the Armed forces.

“Many nations like Israel have made army training compulsory for all their youth few years everyone gives to the army to learn life values like discipline, nationalism and what it means to guard your country’s borders, Agnipath scheme has deeper meaning than just getting building careers, employment or making money,” she wrote.

Comparing Agnipath scheme to the Gurukul education system, Kangana added: “In olden days everyone went to Gurukul.. it’s almost like that.. it’s just that they are getting paid to do it, a shocking percentage of youth that’s getting destroyed in drugs and PUBg needs these reforms… appreciate the government for taking these initiatives.”

The scheme, introduced by the government on June 14, will induct youngsters – to be called Agniveers — into the Armed forces on a short-term basis of four years.

On completion of four years of service, 25% of Agniveers will be retained while the remaining 75% will be permitted to return to civilian life.

As protesters throughout India have questioned what the large number of Agniveers who are released will do after completing their tenure, the Centre has been releasing several options and offers that Agniveers can opt for after four years.

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