Assam Tea Named After Zelensky; Know Where To Get It & How Much It Costs

Guwahati: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has become a household name across the globe. The way he has led from the front and rallied his forces and countrymen to fight against an aggressive Russian invasion has come in for praise from all quarters.

An Assam start-up company has honoured the valour and courage of the Ukrainian President by naming a tea after him.

The Zelenskyy brand of blended Assam tea has been launched by founder-director of Aromica Tea Ranjit Baruah.

The Zelenskyy brand is a blend of Assam CTC and handcrafted orthodox tea.

“The basic idea is to honour the valour and courage of the Ukrainian president who rejected the US offer to escape war-torn Ukraine. Zelensky said he does not need a free ride but ammunition. This shows his character,” PTI quoted Baruah as saying.

He added that the tea aims to send a message to talk about peace, not war, over a cup of strong black Assam tea.

The Zelenskyy tea, launched on the website of Aromica Tea, will be available on e-commerce platforms soon.

It’s not very costly. A 200-gram pack of Zelenskyy tea is priced at Rs 90.

Russia is one of the largest importers of Indian tea, having acquired 34.09 million kilograms in 2021. Ukraine, on the other hand, imported 1.73 million kilograms of Indian tea last year.

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