Attacks On Durga Puja ‘Pre-Planned’, Says Bangladesh Home Minister

Dhaka: Bangladesh’s Minister of Home Affairs Asaduzzaman Khan termed the attacks on Durga Puja pavilion as “pre-planned” and said these attacks were aimed at destroying Bangladesh’s communal harmony.

The statement came following multiple cases were filed against hundreds of named and unnamed people for the attacks in Comilla on Wednesday, reported Dhaka Tribune.

“It appears to us that it was a motivated act instigated by a vested group,” the home minister added.

Asked about the reason behind the Comilla incident, Asaduzzaman Khan said, “We’ll make it public once we get all the evidence and those who were involved in it will be given exemplary punishment.”

“Not only in Comilla, but attempts were also made to destabilize the country previously through communal violence in Ramu and Nasirnagar,” Dhaka Tribune quoted Khan as saying.

“No incident has been reported since Saturday night. Our security forces are working patiently based on intelligence information. Those who are trying to destroy communal peace will not succeed,” added Khan.

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