Bhubaneswar Designer’s Motto For Saving Environment: Recycle & Refashion Old Clothes, Handloom

Bhubaneswar: Wondering what to do with sarees and dresses that are out of fashion and even old blankets occupying space in your cupboard? Upcycle and refashion them, says Bhubaneswar-based fashion designer Choudhury Jyoshna Das.

“There are some clothes that are very close to our heart but either the fabric is not strong enough or the design is out of fashion. Such clothes can be refashioned and reused instead of throwing them off and burdening the landfill,” says Jyoshna, who has been upcycling clothes for nearly two years

Jyoshna says she is doing her bit for the environment by ensuring zero waste from the products that are designed in her boutique.

The textile industry is the second-largest pollutant after polythene, she says. “To protect the environment we can take up upcycling and recycling of clothes through the process of redyeing and restructuring. This minimises the overall need to produce fabric and textile, which ultimately reduces the industry’s impact on the environment. We can avoid having landfills by reusing our garments,” she says.

‘Bivabari’, Jyoshna’s Ethical Fashion Brand, in the capital city has been busy with orders of refashioning old garments ever since the word spread.

Besides designing bespoke apparel for her clients including the likes of fashion-conscious Anu Chaudhury, Bivabari is busy meeting orders for customised recycling of garments. Recycle & refashion

Pic source: BivabariSo, if you have a handloom, hand-printed, or hand-crafted saree, dupatta, or dress something that you are not using and do not want to discard either, Bivabari is ready to help with suggestions and designing.

“We will reconstruct it for you. Your wardrobe will be cleaned up and as a sensible human being, you can contribute to the environment too,” says Jyoshna. Besides upcycling clothes, the boutique also utilises fabric scrap to design apparel and accessories, she adds.

During the pandemic, the design label has also started accepting orders from within the state and outside. It is catering to clients in Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru.

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