BJP Man Who Escorted Arbaaz Merchant After NCB Raid Threatens Legal Action Against NCP’s Nawab Malik

Mumbai: In the days following the arrest of Aryan Khan and six others in connection with a ‘drug party’ aboard a cruise liner on October 2, Manish Bhanushali, said to be a BJP worker has caught media attention.

He was captured on video escorting Aryan Khan’s friend Arbaaz Merchant to the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) office. Now, he is saying he will take legal action again NCP leader Nawab Malik for ‘defaming’ him.

Speaking to India Today, Manish Bhanushali said Nawab Malik had defamed him by taking his name and circulating his photographs with BJP leaders during the press conference.

“My life, along with those of my family members, is in danger because of the press conference. He has defamed me as well as a few BJP leaders who had nothing to do with this case. I will be taking legal action against Nawab Malik very soon,” Manish Bhanushali was quoted as saying.

On Wednesday, Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik levelled allegations that the man seen taking drugs-on-cruise case accused Arbaaz Merchantt to the NCB’s Mumbai office was a BJP worker.

“I am a BJP worker,” Manish Bhanushali had told India Today on camera on Wednesday.” I received information about a drug party on October 1. My friend suggested that I approach the NCB. The agency had a little information and we added to it,” he told India Today. “I was not aware that Shahrukh Khan’s son would be present there,” he added.

“On October 2, the raid was planned and we went to the spot as witnesses,” he was quoted as saying. The next day, Bhanushali was seen taking Arbaaz Merchant into the agency’s Mumbai office along with the agency’s zonal head Sameer Wankhede.

“I accept that I was with NCB officers. However, it only seems like I am holding a person with NCB officer because it was a narrow lane,” he explained.

Speaking about Nawab Malik’s press conference earlier in the day, Bhanushali accused the minister of playing “dirty politics”. “We are working for the nation,” he insisted.

Defending the agency that has been facing flak over the raid, he said, “Sameer Wankhede has done nothing wrong.”

Bhanushali further said that he has not spoken to any BJP leader as of now. He said he would seek police protection for himself and his family in Mumbai.

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