Blame It On Google Maps: When A Groom Nearly Missed His Wedding!

You have heard of mistaken identities, but misplaced wedding venue?

A groom recently landed up at the wrong address, after being misled by Google Maps.

As it turned out, there were two functions in close proximity in an Indonesian village on the same day – a wedding and an engagement ceremony. And the man who was supposed to get married turned up at the engagement party!

He was welcomed with open arms by a group of people from the hosting party who didn’t recognize the man. It was in the nick of time that someone from the groom’s family realized they had arrived at the wrong destination.

“Some of my family members had welcomed them and proceeded to exchange gifts as well,” Ulfa, the woman whose engagement was gatecrashed, told an Indonesian news portal.

“I was shocked when I saw the man’s group as I did not know any of them. They said they were led to our house by Google Maps,” Ulfa said.

Explaining her absence from the scene where a comedy of errors was being enacted, Ulfa said that a make-up artist was preparing her for the function in one of the rooms inside.

Her fiancé, along with his friends and family, had got late as they stopped en route to look for a toilet.

Ulfa’s family then helped the groom and his party reach the wedding venue.

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