Bollywood Celebs Face Flak For Posting Photos Holidays Abroad, Know Those Who Have Slammed It

Bollywood celebs posting pictures of chilling out abroad (read Maldives) has not gone down well on social media. They are being criticised for being insensitive, holidaying in a foreign land at a time when people back home are fighting for their life due to COVID-19.

Ananya Panday, Taapsee Pannu, Sara Ali Khan, Kiara Advani, Hina Khan, Rakul Preet Singh, Madhuri Dixit and Ranbir Singh and Alia Bhatt, the list is pretty long.

Asked how she feels celebs flashing their pictures on the beaches of Maldives and Goa during the distressing time, actor Shruti Haasan told The Quint, that she isn’t one to ‘judge others’, but she thought it is ‘insensitive’. She suggested that gratitude and being thankful for privileges is what is most important to know, instead of throwing your comfort in people’s faces.

Photo courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

Recently, Bollywood publicist Rohini Iyer slammed those who have been flaunting their fancy vacay pictures all over social media during this trying time. She wrote, “For all of you vacationing in Maldives and Goa and exotic locales… remember, it’s a holiday for you. It’s a bloody pandemic all over. So don’t be an insensitive idiot and post pictures of your privileged life. You’re not only coming across as brainless, but also completely blind and tone deaf. This is not the time to boost your IG numbers.”

“This is the time to step up and help or if you can’t do anything, then shut up and stay home! Or Stay quiet in your holiday home … Masked up. No photos. This is not Fashion Week …,” wrote Iyer.

Her post was immediately lauded and shared by author and celebrity columnist Shobhaa De. She re-posted Iyer’s message, adding that she endorsed Iyer’s thoughts and felt that the celebrities were being vulgar while posting pictures of their rich and fabulous lifestyles.


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