Bride’s Ex Gatecrashes Her Wedding; Know What Happened Next

New Delhi: Not even Bollywood would have dared this storyline. It happened at a wedding in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. As the bride and groom were about to exchange garlands, the bride’s jilted lover turned up at the venue and did something filmy. But it took an alert mind among the guests present at the wedding to record everything. So, it is courtesy him/her that we have this news.

The viral video shows the bride and groom standing on the stage surrounded by relatives. After some rituals, as the groom proceeds to put the varmala on the bride, a man turns up. Covered in a scarf, the man smears sindoor on the bride’s forehead forcibly even when she tries to cover her face with her veil.


Apparently, the man was the bride’s ex-lover who had gone out of town for work some months ago. In the meantime, the girl’s marriage was arranged with another man and when the lover came to know about it, he decided to profess his love in a filmy way.

The wedding did take place the day. The girl was married to the groom only and the ex-lover was sent back home after much cajoling. 

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