Car Owners For ‘Not Wearing Helmets’, Bikers For ‘No Seat Belts’: Where Are These Challans Issued?

New Delhi: Here’s what is happening in the rush to levy e-challans in Visakhapatnam. The traffic police in Vizag served some challans to a few car owners for not wearing a helmet. More shockingly some bikers got the challans for not wearing seat belts and some others for parking vehicles at their houses.

A person returned home after visiting the beach with family in a car to receive a challan. It read that he did not wear a helmet and was asked to pay challan for violation. So was another case with another person who got a challan for parking his two-wheeler at his residence in his street for wrong parking.

Though they did not violate traffic rules, some got challans for triple riding, not wearing seat belts, helmets and jumping the signals and so on. Interestingly, some of the vehicle owners got typical challans with wrong information, News18 reported.

The reason apparently is that some traffic CIs, SIs, police, and home guards click the photos of vehicles with their cameras or smartphones. Many wrong photos and non-violation were sent to the police bosses who in turn sent challans without any violations, the people who received the same deplored.

Here are some examples.

  • A car owner with the number AP 31 AX 441 got a challan for not wearing a helmet at MVP Colony in the city.
  • A resident of Prakasham district with his AP 39 FA 3768 Car got a challan of Rs 635 for triple riding and not wearing a helmet.
  • A person in Pedda Valter got a challan for parking his vehicle right before his residence in the street, which was a regular activity.

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