Centre Applauds Odisha For Being Among Top 2 States With Best-Performing Doubling Rates

New Delhi: The government of India has applauded Odisha for being among top two states in controlling and combating the COVID-19 pandemic efficiently.

These are the only two states — apart from the Union Territory of Chandigarh — in which the doubling rate is more than 30 days, the government noted, appreciating their the way they have managed contact tracing and case management.

According to figures collected by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare between April 12 and 18, Odisha and Kerala have the best-performing doubling rates of positive COVID-19 cases.

While cases doubled in Kerala in 67.2 days, in Odisha the doubling rate is 34.1 days. In Chandigarh, cases are doubling in 45.7 days

Third in the list of states is Chhattisgarh, which has seen positive cases double in 27.8 days during the said period.

The three worst-performing states in this respect are – Gujarat (4.24), Madhya Pradesh (4.55) and West Bengal (5.84).

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