Chinese Parents Using Helmets To Give Babies A Perfect Round Head

New Delhi: Chinese people have been obsessed with perfect shapes from times immemorial. In ancient times, they used to bandage the feet of girls so that they did not develop big ones. Small feet were considered a sign of beauty. Much like those times, they are now obsessing over a round head for their children.

They are making their children wear head-shape correction products, especially helmets to make their child’s heads round.

The trend has started in China as parents believe round heads are more beautiful than any other shape. Parents here are going to extremes to ensure their babies have a round head.

As babies have soft bones, parents are using head-shape correction products like helmets and pillows to mould their child’s head into a round shape, South China Morning Post reported.

A woman, who used a head-shape correction helmet on her child, justified her act and wrote on social media that wearing a head helmet has the same function as wearing braces, which is to correct a body part.

The woman detailing her experience wrote that she took her baby for head-shape correction despite her family’s protest. Since the child loved to sleep on her back, her head looked flat and stretched out, the woman explained.

The woman justifying her act wrote that she has a flat head and she knows how painful it is for women chasing beauty and she does not want that for her kid when she grows up.

Needless to say, Chinese companies taking advantage of this strange trend have launched a range of products including helmets to special mats and pillows. The companies are claiming that these products will save their children’s heads from getting flat. The helmets claimed as head-correction products are being sold for up to Rs 3 lakh. Cheaper versions of the products are also available.

According to the report, most Chinese mothers are buying head-correction products for their daughters and these can be applied to children in the age groups of three months to one year.

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