Controversy: Mahatma Gandhi’s Favourite Hymn Dropped From Beating Retreat Once Again

New Delhi: In another potentially controversial decision, Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite hymn has been dropped from the Beating Retreat ceremony.

Abide with Me hymn, by Henry Francis Lyte, used to be played at the end of Beating Retreat every year since 1950 on January 29, the eve of the Mahatma’s death anniversary. It was first excluded in 2020, which led to a furore, but reinstated for 2021 Beating the Retreat.

However, the official list of 26 tunes to be played during this year’s Beating Retreat ceremony does not mention Abide with Me, The Indian Express reported.

The ceremony will begin with Fanfare by Buglers and end with Sare Jahan Se Accha by the buglers.

As many as 44 buglers, 16 trumpeters and 75 drummers participate in the ceremony.

Beating Retreat marks the end of week-long festivities of Republic Day. Festivities, which used to start on January 24, will begin on January 23 from this year to mark the 125th birth anniversary of — Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

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