Court Orders Man To Pay Ex-Wife Rs 5.6 Lakh For Domestic Work

Beijing: A Chinese court has ordered a man to pay his ex-wife Rs 5.6 lakh for unpaid housework during their 5-year marriage.

The ex-wife said that she ‘sorted the kid and managed family chores, whereas (her husband) Chen didn’t care about or take part in some other family affairs apart from going to work’.

The husband has been asked to pay around Rs 22,000 in addition to the Rs 5.6 lakh as assistance.

China’s new civil code lets divorcees request for compensation in case they feel that they’ve taken additional family obligations.

“The amount reflected the length of time the couple was married plus the effort Wang put into housework, Chen’s income and the local cost of living,” the local media quoted the judge as saying.

According to an estimate by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Chinese women spend almost 4 hours a day doing unpaid labour.

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