COVID-19 Patients Likely To Be Infected From Dengue: Study


Mumbai: Patients infected from coronavirus can also be infected from dengue. However, both are difficult to distinguish as they share similar clinical and laboratory features, a report published in Lancet Medical Research confirms.

While in Mumbai, COVID-19 patients have also been tested positive for dengue, a few patients in Singapore falsely tested positive for dengue but were later confirmed to be infected from coronavirus, said the report.

“Our cases highlight the importance of recognising false-positive dengue serology results (with different commercially available assays) in patients with COVID-19. We emphasise the urgent need for rapid, sensitive, and accessible diagnostic tests for SARS-COV-2, which need to be highly accurate to protect public health,” the report stated.

Notably,  there could be serious health issues if a dengue patient fails to get diagnosed for COVID-19 even if he is infected from the deadly virus, it added.

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