Don’t Hesitate To Get Vaccinated, Listen To Scientists, Says Delhi’s First COVID Patient

New Delhi: The capital’s first coronavirus patient on Monday urged people to get immunized without hesitation and listen to the scientific community, and not get swayed by those “spreading misconception” about it, The New Indian Express (TNIE) reported quoting PTI.

With final preparations underway for the first phase beginning on January 16, and the vaccine set to arrive in the national capital in the next couple of days, Rohit Datta, who was the first person to be diagnosed with coronavirus infection on March 1, said “it feels surreal”.

“Till a few months ago, we were struggling, people were dying in large numbers and fear of an unknown virus was at its peak. But our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers fought a tough battle in 2020. And the first dose is rightful to be given to all those corona warriors,”  the 46-year-old businessman was quoted as saying.

“When I had been detected with COVID-19, a lot of laypeople had sort of becoming self-proclaimed medical experts, giving their opinions on the new virus, many spread misinformation and wrong information about it, even though the scientific community was struggling to understand this novel virus. Now, the same thing is happening about the COVID vaccine too,” he said.

“Many are spreading misconceptions about it even before the roll-out. Let us give our scientists a chance,” the leather businessman was quoted as saying by PTI.

“I would appeal to fellow citizens to not hesitate and get vaccinated, whenever an opportunity presents itself. The Queen of England and her husband Prince Philip just got vaccinated, and Indian leaders also should come to the forefront and lead the way, to instill confidence among people,” Datta told PTI.

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