Fashion Student Sells Train Seat Covers On Social Distancing As Crop Tops!

New Delhi: A woman who gave a creative twist to a seat cover sign by the Chiltern Railway in the UK has left netizens amused.

Fashion student Mhari Thurston-Tyler, 20, converted the COVID seat cover sign into a crop top. According to The Sun, Tyler was selling the crop tops on a clothing app ‘Depop’ for  £15 (INR 1493), The Indian Express (TIE) reported.

The blue-coloured fabric signs were wrapped around the seats on Chiltern Railways and read, “Keep this seat free to maintain social distancing when possible.”

The product has seen been removed from the app for violating their “terms of service”. “The item in question has already been removed from the app and the user has admitted it was taken from a Chiltern Railways train,” a spokeswoman told the news website, the report added.

In an interview with the BBC, Tyler said that she found the seat covers “balled up on the floor” outside Marylebone station in London. She then resewed the fabrics to fit into them before advertising them on the app, TIE reported.

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