Fact Check: Do Products Of Cadbury Contain Beef?

A screenshot saying that the British multinational company uses gelatine in some of their products, which means it’s derived from beef, went viral on social media over the weekend.

Social media users, mostly in India, erupted in protest, calling for a boycott of Cadbury products.


It forced the British multinational company, owned by Mondelez International, to issue a clarification. As it turns out, the gelatine, if used in of Cadbury’s products, is halal certified and derived from beef.

cadbury halal

However, all Cadbury products which are manufactured and sold in India are cent per cent vegetarian.

“The screenshot shared in the Tweet is not related to Mondelez/Cadbury products manufactured in India. All the products manufactured and sold in India are 100% vegetarian. The green dot on the wrapper signifies that,” Cadbury stated, urging users to verify facts before sharing such posts.

Mondelez cadbury clarification

“As you can well imagine, negative posts like these, damages consumer confidence in our well-respected and loved brands. We request our consumers to please verify facts related to our products before sharing them further,” the company urged its consumers.

Gelatine is a flavourless food ingredient, derived from collagen which is extracted from skin, bones and connective tissues of animals like domesticated cattle, chicken, pigs and fish.

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