Fear Factor: One Among COVID-19 Patients Picked Odisha Govt’s Call After 49 Attempts

Bhubaneswar: Allaying the fear of the people, Odisha government’s Chief Spokesperson on COVID-19, Subroto Bagchi on Friday urged people with flu-like symptoms to come forward and inform the Health Department about it.

Having deliberated on how social ostracisation, reprimand and insults force people with COVID-19 symptoms to hide their illness and become super spreaders, he said fear is the other factor that we have to overcome.

Citing an instance, Bagchi said that a confirmed COVID-19 patient picked the call from the authorities only after 49 attempts. “It happened because of fear,” he added.

He requested people to become fearless and admit having symptoms of the virus as it would then save their family and others coming into contact with them from getting infected.

Cough, fever and difficulty in breathing are some of the symptoms of COVID-19.


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