Fuel Prices To Increase As India Moves To Cleanest Petrol Diesel Post March


From April 1, only BS6 fuels will be sold throughout the country. The new fuels, which are touted to be one of the cleanest in the world, will see a marginal price hike.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has reportedly invested over ₹17,000 crore in upgrading its refineries to produce the low-sulphur diesel and petrol. The sulphur content will be now just 10 parts per million(ppm) compared to the present 50ppm.

Bharat Petroleum has spent around ₹7,000 crore for the same upgrades.

It is reported that the average price increase is expected to be in the range of 70-120 paise a litre, but the same has not been confirmed by any oil company.


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