GI Registry Seek Comparison Analysis Of 9 Products Of Odisha

Bhubaneswar: A consultative group of experts from GI Registry, Chennai, examined nine products of Odisha to establish their uniqueness. The products were examined in the capital city and discussions were held with the applicants as well as the stakeholders.

Head of Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre, established at Central Tool Room and Training Centre, Dr S K Kar said a majority of the nine applicants were asked to submit a comparison analysis report establishing the uniqueness of the products in comparison to products made in other parts of the state and country.

Notably, the nine products are Cuttack silver filigree, Rasabali of Kendrapada, Magji sweet of Dhenkanal, Lanjia Saura painting and Kapdaganda shawl of Rayagada, Nayagarh Kanteimundi brinjal, Koraput Kalajeera rice, date palm jaggery of Gajapati and Kai Chutney of Mayurbhanj.

All these products are categorised under food, handicraft, and agriculture, and the GI applications were filed between 2020 and 2021.

“Earlier, based on the local uniqueness of a product, the GI was granted. However, now the registry wants to know how a product is unique in the country and in its state of origin. In the state context, it wants to know if a similar product is being made in any other district,” TNIE reported Kar as saying.

He also gave examples of Cuttack silver filigree (Chandi Tarakasi) and the silver filigree of Karimnagar, which already has a GI tag. Hence, the applicant now has to prove how Cuttack’s filigree is unique in comparison to that of Karimnagar.

A few other applicants were asked to fulfill the documentary deficiency before the next step.

After comparison analysis reports are submitted, they will be examined and published for the public to file an opposition, if any, within a specified period. If no opposition is received, the GIs will be registered.

It is pertinent to mention here that the preliminary examination of all nine products has been completed by a group of 10 experts.

Products Up For GI:

  •  Cuttack’s Silver Filigree
  •  Rasabali of Kendrapara
  •  Magji of Dhenkanal
  •  Lanjia Saura painting of Rayagada
  •  Kapdaganda shawl of Rayagada
  •  Kanteimundi brinjal of Nayagarh
  •  Kalajeera rice of Koraput
  •  Date palm jaggery of Gajapati
  •  Kai Chutney of Mayurbhanj

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