‘Go Back To India’: Chennai-Born American Lawmaker Gets Abusive Threat Messages

Washington: Indian-American lawmaker Pramila Jayapal has made an explosive revelation.

The first India-born Congresswoman to represent Seattle in the US House of Representatives, Pramila alleged that she has been receiving abusive and hate messages over phone from a male caller.

“Typically, political figures don’t show their vulnerability. I chose to do so here because we cannot accept violence as our new norm. We also cannot accept the racism and sexism that underlies and propels so much of this violence,” Pramila wrote on Twitter.

The Chennai-born Pramila also shared an audio clip in which a male can be heard using abusive and threatening language, and asking her to go back to India. He does

A few months ago, a man brandishing a pistol was seen outside the Seattle home of 56-year-old Pramila, who is a member of Democratic party. The man was arrested.

Earlier this month, an Indian-American man was racially abused in California and called a ‘dirty Hindu’ and ‘disgusting dog’.

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