Hockey WC Statistical Analysis: All Earn Points, 73 Players Score 111 Goals

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16 teams played 24 matches together with each playing 3 matches each. While 6 teams failed to win any match, not a single team returned without earning a point. With eliminations at the end of Pool Stage, Spain earned 13th place, Ireland 14th, Malaysia 15th and South Africa 16th. Check the key highlights of all pool and overall statistical summary of points and goals scored during all pool matches.

Key Highlights

    1. 6th time in 14 editions of World Cup when all teams at least earned a draw. None of the 16 teams lost all three matches making it only 6th such event after 1973, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1998, 2006.

Except Pool D, in all pools teams played two draw matches each. Pool D has only one drawn match.

Except Pool A, all pools has two teams each who did not win any match. Pool A had only one such team.

Except Pool B, all pools had two teams each finishing with negative goal difference. Pool B had three such teams.

Statistical Summary

Matches: 24

Results: 17

Draw: 7

Goals Scored: 111

Hattricks: 2

Teams with least point: 1 point by 5 teams (Malaysia, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada and South Africa)

Teams without any win: 7

Maximum draw by a team: 2 (Spain and China)

Most goals by a team: 16 (Australia), 13 (Netherlands), 12 (India), 10 (Argentina, France)

Most goals conceded by a team: 14 (China), 13 (Malaysia), 11 (South Africa)

Most wins: 3 (Australia and Germany)

Most losses: 2 (Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan, Malaysia)

Highest goal scorer: Blake Govers (Aus)

73 players scored at least a goal each.

25 players scored more than a goal each.

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