How Shah Rukh Khan Impacted Lives; Fans Recall Fond Moments

New Delhi: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is popular among the masses both for his on-screen persona and off-screen personality. Everyone who comes in contact with him vouches for his warmth and humility.

His showing humility and respect in the face of adversity endeared him to his fans all the more. They responded with kind words on the Internet.

Khan has kept a dignified silence ever since his son Aryan Khan was arrested. On his first-ever appearance after Aryan’s arrest, he went to Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail and greeted everyone with folded hands.

The video was circulated on microblogging site Twitter. Soon, users shared penned anecdotes of how Shah Rukh Khan made an impact on their lives in one way or the other.

Chinmayi Sripaada, who lent her voice for the song ‘Titli’ in Chennai Express, recounted the time when Khan wrote back to her on Twitter.

Chinmayi further recalled SRK taking notice of her elated mother’s post on social media and taking time out to speak to her over the phone before eventually meeting her in person and taking her blessings.

“Cut to several days later when he came to Chennai – He took the effort to cut across a huge room with people waiting, found my mother and took her blessing by touching her feet,” the singer wrote before adding: “I will never forget how this man made me feel. How he made my mother feel. He was such a breath of fresh air and I knew a Superstar like him could be this sincerely, genuinely nice. He did NOT have to be that nice. But he did.”

Another story that went viral on the bluebird app came from Munish Bhardwaj, a filmmaker, who recounted a first-person account from his niece who happened to be an AD on Khan’s Fan.

“One day after wrap up, @iamsrk invited all the assistants, of all departments to his house for dinner. Only assistants. No seniors or HODs… so all the assistants of all departments (Direction, Camera, Sound, Costumes, Art Director, Production etc) were at his place. And he had carefully chosen return gifts for all. Everyone got a book about their field of interest,” Munish wrote before adding, “My niece got a published screenplay of a film and a book on screenwriting. And all those books were personally signed by SRK. It remains the most prized possession of my niece till date.”

An SRK fan shared their meeting with the superstar.

“King of romance.”

And those who had no personal stories to share did have something to say about the superstar.

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