Jatan Nagar Palace In Dhenkanal Under Renovation To Attract Tourists

We all may not have explored Dhenkanal much but the story of a haunted palace situated in Dhenkanal is quite widespread and always been in the limelight due to its mysterious folklores, but the good news is it is no more going to be a haunted place, Jatan Nagar palace is going to be a tourist spot soon.


Dhenkanal: Jatan Nagar palace, considered as an architectural marvel, is all set to emerge as a tourists’ attraction following the renovation works currently underway.

Just six kilometers from Dhenkanal bus stand, the 100-room palace was built atop a hill in early 20th century by Pattayet Nrusingha Pratap Singhdeo, the younger brother of the then king of Dhenkanal.

It is believed that the palace was built with forced labour and elephants were used to carry the heavy stones to build this mega structure.

But Nrushingha Pratap nor any member of his family could stay in the magnificent palace for reasons yet to be confirmed. Soon, it turned into an abandoned place.

However, former MLA Krushna Chandra Patra, who now legally holds the onwership of the place, is trying to reshape the old architectural giant into a heritage place.

Krushna Chandra Sahoo, a senior citizen of Dhenkanal town said, “We have been hearing many theories regarding the mysterious Jatan Nagar since our childhood. We are happy that it is undergoing renovation.”

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  1. jrnnrj says

    Arjendu Pratap Singh Deo fraudulently sold his sister’s share by claiming he was the sole child of Narsingh Pratap Singh Deo and Jatan Kumari Devi. Jogmaya Devi was never compensated by either Arjendu Pratap Singh Deo or by the people that he fraudulently sold her share to. Legal avenue continues to be pursued by her successors so that justice prevails for all concerned. (please publish this response so that Jogmaya Devi’s right is not disadvantaged by this article)

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