‘Learn-Odia-To-Work-In-Odisha’ Remark Of Minister Raises Eyebrows

Bhubaneswar: If someone is keen to work in Odisha, it is necessary for him or her to learn Odia language as people from rural areas are unable to understand Hindi. This was the message categorically given by Odisha’s MSME Minister Gokulananda Mallick. The Minister stated this in clear terms while visiting the O-HUB Centre launched Info-City-2 campus in Bhubaneswr. During his visit to the centre, Mallick emphasised the need for training in Odia language.

Learn Odia, Teach In Odia

While visiting O-HUB Centre, the MSME Minister sought to know as to how the trainers are imparting training there. He said that the trainers must learn Odia language in order to ensure proper development of entrepreneurship in the state. Noting that the people of Odisha can learn only in Odia language. People from villages will not be able to learn properly if training is imparted in other language. Therefore, the trainers need to learn and impart training in Odia, he stressed.

No Space For Odias In O-HUB

O-HUB was established with an aim to provide office space to Odia entrepreneurs at concessional rate at the centre. However, it was alleged that MNCs were provided with office space instead of entrepreneurs from Odisha. The MSME Minister examined the matter at O-HUB Centre and said a probe would be conducted. If any irregularity is detected, stringent action would be taken against those involved, he warned. It has been alleged that large scale irregularities took place at the centre set up with an investment of crores of rupees. It was alleged that though Startup Odisha was under the MSME department, the former IT Secretary provided space to foreign companies ignoring those from the state.

Voice Of Odia Asmita

After coming to power for the first time in Odisha, the BJP government headed by Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi is giving importance to the promotion of Odia language. Soon after assuming office, the Chief Minister announced that all office work would now be done in Odia language. Modern technology will be used for ensuring widespread use of Odia language both in government and private sector. The state government has also decided to set up Odia Asmita Bhawan.

Odia Asmita Brought Victory

In the run up to the recent elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had made Odia Asmita (Odia pride) its main poll plank. The saffron party targeted the domination of former bureaucrat V K Pandian in the power corridor. It alleged that non-Odias were enjoying power in the state at the cost of people of Odisha. As per the promises made in its election manifesto, the BJP government has initiated steps to uphold the pride and dignity of Odia people. From reopening of all four gates of Shree Jagannath Temple in Puri to opening of Ratha Bhandar, the Mohan Majhi government has started fulfilling the promises made by BJP ahead of the elections.

However, the MSME Minister’s statement has raised eyebrows among critics. Observers wonder whether people of Odisha who are working in other states have to learn their language. They point out that it may be difficult to impart training in Odia language in certain subjects.

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