Lockdown 3.0: Centre Issues Shramik Train Guidelines For Stranded People


New Delhi: The Railway Ministry has issued guidelines for movement of ‘Shramik Special’ trains to help the return of migrant workers, students, pilgrims, tourists and other people stranded in other states during the current lockdown.

As per the guidelines, only those persons allowed by the state government to travel and having valid tickets will be allowed to enter the station premises.

Besides, the government authorities will hand over special printed tickets for the specified destination to the passengers cleared by them and collect the fare.

Some of the other guidelines include:

All states and Union Territories (UTs) will develop standard operating procedures and designate nodal authorities for sending and receiving the stranded persons. The nodal authorities will also register the stranded persons in their respective states.

The sending and receiving states may consult with each other and agree on the movement of stranded persons who wish to return.

The originating state will finalise the requirement of special trains with the receiving state and communicate it to the Railways, which will plan the trains accordingly.

Each Shramik train will run non-stop for a single destination station and will carry approximately 1,200 passengers each, with occupancy not less than 90%. Social distancing norms will be followed within the trains.

The originating state will screen all the would be passengers for COVID-19 and only those found asymptomatic will be allowed to travel. The state will also issue medical certificates and contact details of the passengers to the Railways.

The originating states will transport batches of passengers to the designated railway stations in sanitised buses. The passengers will also be provided with food packets and water for the journey.

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