Lockdown Routines: Purabi And Her Team Motivating People To Feed Street Animals

In Our Special Series, Animal Activist Tells OB She's Making Panipuris And Going Down Memory Lane By Watching Old TV Serials

Purabi Patra’s routine hasn’t changed much due to the nationwide lockdown which was enforced by the government last month to contain the spread of novel coronavirus. If anything, the animal activist’s workload has increased.

“Apart from taking care of sheltered animals, I and my team are also looking after street animals too,” informs Purabi.

“Everyday we feed hundreds of animals across the city as the lockdown has greatly impacted the street animals which were completely dependent on roadside food joints, tea stalls and restaurants,” explains Purabi.

Besides doing it themselves, Purabi and her team try their best to motivate people so that they feed animals around their residence.

“We are motivating them by posting stories and pictures of such individual feeders and caregivers on our official page,” says the founder of Bhubaneswar’s Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra.

Outside social work, Purabi is brushing up her culinary skills.

“Being a vegan, I’m experimenting on vegan versions of cakes, brownies… and yes, a homemade panipuri and samosa as well,” reveals Purabi.

Lockdown is helping Purabi go down memory lane, giving her the feeling of summer vacations in school. “It’s so nostalgic, as Ramayana, Mahabharata and Shaktimaan are already back on TV,” she observes.

She finds it even more relaxing to catch old serials, songs, movies and even ads on YouTube. “Having grown up in the 80s, we got to see some masterpieces on television. And it’s great fun to relive those memories,” remarks Purabi.

As a minimalist and nature lover, Puraba is loving the lockdown because it’s giving human beings an opportunity to see the pure and beautiful version of the Nature.

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