Man Films Wife Attempting Suicide Instead Of Stopping Her; She Dies Later

Kanpur: In what can be described as a very unusual and deeply disturbing incident, a man filmed his wife’s apparent attempt to hang herself and showed the video to her family after her alleged death by suicide in Uttar Pradesh.

Shobita Gupta, married for five years, died by suicide on Tuesday. She had a fight with her husband, who is being questioned, the police said. A mobile phone video, apparently taken by Sanjay Gupta, shows Shobita, with a scarf around her neck, apparently trying to hang herself from the fan over her bed, NDTV reported.

The video shows that Sanjay Gupta does not attempt to stop her at any point. He is heard saying: “Great. Yehi tumhaari soch hai. Bahut kharab soch hai (This is your mindset. You have a very poor mindset).” Shobita takes off the noose and glares at him, standing on the bed. The video ends at that point.

Shobita’s father Raj Kishore Gupta says he received a call from his son-in-law on Tuesday afternoon that she had died by suicide. Her family rushed to her home to see her body on the bed and Sanjay Gupta apparently giving her CPR. Sanjay Gupta showed his in-laws the video he had taken, claiming that he had saved her on her first attempt. His behaviour was extremely questionable, Shobita’s father said, according to the report.

Raj Kishore Gupta said that they saw him pumping her chest instead of taking her to the hospital. He (Sanjay) showed them a video saying she had tried to attempt suicide earlier too. “He was not stopping her but making the video. That happened at 12.30 pm. Soon after that she died, which is suspicious,” Raj Kishore Gupta was quoted as saying.

Shobita’s family took her to the hospital, where she was declared dead. They later went to the police. Her family is in shock, unable to digest that she could have been saved but no one stopped her.

The police are investigating Sanjay’s role in his wife’s death.


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