Man Kills Daughter By Stabbing Her 25 Times Over Domestic Dispute

Surat: Gory violence and brutal killings have become fashionable in India these days.

In the recent barbaric murder, a man from Surat killed his daughter by stabbing her at least 25 times with a knife and left his wife injured following a domestic dispute.

The murder took place on May 18 in Surat’s Kadodara area, but came to light much later after CCTV footage of the incident found its way into social media.

The accused, identified as Ramanuja, was arrested two days after the murder based on a complaint filed by his wife Rekha.

Ramanuja lived with his family in a rented apartment in Surat’s Satya Nagar Society. According to police, the accused lost his temper during a minor argument with his wife over the issue of their daughter sleeping on the terrace. The situation went out of hand, and the father got violent.

CCTV footage showed Ramanuja attacking his wife with a knife in front of his children at around 11.20 pm. As their mother was injured, the children tried to pacify the father and managed to subdue him.

However, Ramanuja was again at his ferocious self, and tried to attack anyone within reach. He got hold of his daughter and stabbed her multiple times.

She tried to save herself and went to a nearby room, but the assailant followed her and seemingly continued to stab her to death.

Ramanuja was still not satisfied as he went to the terrace looking for his wife. The children tried to protect their mother but sustained injuries in the process.

Surat police apprehended Ramanuja and confiscated the murder weapon.

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