Meet The Woman With World’s Largest Feet; What’s Her Shoe Size?

New York: She is 6 feet and 9 inches tall. Her right foot is 13.03 inches long and left foot 12.79 inches.

Meet Tanya Herbert, of Texas, USA, holder of Guinness World Record for the world’s largest feet.

With such large feet, Tanya needs US women’s size 18 shoes or US men’s size 16-17, Guinness World Records said.

Obviously, that’s not a size she can just walk into a store and get.

“Going to the stores was out of the question. None of the stores I’ve ever been to have carried a men’s size 16, let alone a women’s size 18,” Tanya was quoted as saying by Guinness World Records.

She interacted with large-footed women online, who offered her tips so she doesn’t have to wear men’s shoes.

“I would buy some of the largest shoes I could find online and manipulate those to extend them out a little longer and make them a little wider so that they would fit my feet,” Tanya revealed.

Apart from the title of having largest feet, Tanya’s height is not common either.

At 6 ft 9 in tall, Tanya is just three inches shorter than the world’s tallest living woman (living) — Rumeysa Gelgi (7 ft).

“Growing up I was always the tallest around. My mom was 6 ft 5 in and my dad 6 ft 4 in, so I had no choice but to be tall,” Tanya quipped.

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