Moral Duty Of Media To Tell The Truth And Nothing But Truth: VP Jagdeep Dhankar

New Delhi: Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar delivered a firm message to the media on Thursday.

Addressing the inaugural function of National Press Day at Vigyan Bhawan here, Dhankar emphasised that it’s the moral duty of media to “tell the truth and nothing but the truth”.

He further said that it is the responsibility of everyone connected with the media, be it journalists or owners of newspapers and other forms of communication, to be truthful.

Dhankar remarked credibility is the biggest challenge that the media is facing today, and quipped that it’s surprising this aspect is being blissfully ignored in some quarters.

“It is painful to see that some journalists have taken it upon themselves to change the course of democratic process, contrary to ground sentiments,” said Dhankar, adding that media is not a power centre or stakeholder in realpolitik.

The Vice-President called upon Press Council of India to intervene promptly against those spreading fake news intentionally and compromising professional ethics.

Referring to media’s responsibility as a watchdog of government, Dhankar said it is tasked with holding those in power accountable.

Unwavering dedication of journalists will continue to make the media a force for good in our society, the VP said.

“No disruptive technology can be a substitute for a well-informed, conscientious journalist,” he remarked.

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