Mother Of 10 Already, This 23-Year-Old Dreams Of Having 100 Kids!

She is 23 years old, and already a mother of 10 kids. But Christina Ozturk from Russia has no plans of stopping just yet, and dreams of having 100 children!

Raising more kids won’t be a problem, at least financially, because Christina and her husband Galip Ozturk are millionaires who owns a hotel in Georgia.

Nine of Christina’s babies are by surrogates, while she gave birth to one child naturally.

Each surrogacy cost Christina and her husband 8,000 euros.

“At the moment, I have 10 children with the latest addition, Olivia, who arrived at the end of last month. I gave birth to my eldest daughter Vika myself six years ago. The rest of the children are genetically ours from my husband and me, but were carried by surrogates,” Christina said.

“I don’t know how many they will eventually be, but we certainly don’t plan to stop at 10,” she added.

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