No Doubt Russia Will Win Ukraine War, Says Putin

Moscow: It’s close to 11 months since Vladimir Putin announced a special operation against Ukraine.

Despite Russia’s savage battering and bombing of Ukrainian cities, leading to hundreds of civilians losing their lives, Putin’s army also suffered serious setbacks beyond anyone’s imagination as the West has continued to supply arms and aid in other forms.

On Wednesday, Putin said he had “no doubt” Moscow would ultimately emerge victorious in Ukraine, reported AFP.

“The unity and solidarity of the Russian people, the courage and heroism of our fighters and, of course, the work of the military-industrial sector will secure victory,” Putin said.

Speaking at a plant which is part of Russian missile manufacturer Almaz-Antey, Putin praised the Russian defence industry.

“We have something to rely upon and this cannot but inspire that victory will be ours,” said the man who ordered troops to invade Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

On the occasion to mark the 80th anniversary of Soviet forces breaking the siege of then-Leningrad, Putin reiterated that sending troops to Ukraine initially was to “de-Nazify” the pro-Western country.

“We are absolutely justified in saying that we are fighting neo-Nazism,” he said.

A week earlier, Putin replaced Russia’s top commander in Ukraine, following a string of defeats in Ukraine last year.

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