Noise Repellents To Keep Monkey Menace Away In Odisha’s Deogarh


Deogarh: Noise, especially noise pollution, is a nuisance for humans. And so it is for monkeys.

In a novel initiative, the Forest Department has started installing noise repellents to curb monkey menace in Deogarh town. Earlier, people used air guns to keep the simians away.

Deogarh DFO Khyama Sarangi informed that the machines have been installed at three places on experimental basis. “We have installed them at places most affected by monkey attacks. If they are effective, more will be installed in the next phase across the town,” he said.

The machines run on electricity. However, plans are afoot to make them solar-powered so that they can be operated 24×7. The ultrasonic sound repellent creates powerful high-frequency ultrasonic waves that cannot be heard by human beings and household pets. However, they create pain and discomfort in monkeys and ensure they stay away from the area.

Monkey incursion into the town is a huge problem. Despite steps taken by the Forest Department, the monkeys which enter the town form nearby reserve forest often attack the residents. The problem is so acute that people are wary of venturing out of their homes.

On an average, at least two cases of monkey attack or bites are reported in the town every day. The monkeys also wander around in the hospital premises posing danger to the patients, doctors and staff.

“Monkeys have made life miserable for the people here. They attack, they bite, they snatch things notwitshtanding the destruction of plants, and property. People have stopped maintaining a garden in their houses for fear of inviting the apes and resultant danger,” said Bholanath Das, a resident.

The worst sufferers are those residing in houses with asbestos roofs as the monkeys often throw the tiles around causing extensive damage to such dwellings.

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