Odia Professor Of IIT Develops Mechanized Broom To Clean Outdoor


Kolkata: With manpower and equipment taking a hit during the lockdown, a team of researchers of IIT-Khragpur has come with a mechanized mobile broom that could clean up large areas.

The researchers led by Odisha-born Mihir Sarangi, Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT, has developed the machine which can do maintenance and sanitation work with minimum manpower. The team has named the frugal looking but powerful cleaning machine as Sammarjak MB 4.2.

The Sammarjak, consisting of two mechanized brooms in the front and at one side, runs on battery and solar power. It can move on roads in angular or up and down directions. The team has successfully tested the machine on the campus.

The multi-broom cleaning machine has been planned for outdoor cleaning which is considered essential in the light of coronavirus. Besides, it can be useful at the time of social distancing and staff cut during the lockdown.

Appreciating the innovation of the team, Director of the prestigious institute Prof. Virendra K Tewari Director Tiwari said it can be a quick-fix solution in the post COVID society that will bear with the staff shortage issue.

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