Odisha Farmer Finds A Virtual Plant Doctor To Save His Crops

Bhubaneswar: Satyanarayan Pradhan, a young farmer from Bishalkhinda village in Odisha’s Sambalpur district, inherited 5.5 acres of land from his father.

Satyanarayan uses 2.5 acres of upland for growing mangoes, spices like ginger, turmeric, chilli, and vegetables like pointed gourd and cabbage, while on the remaining 3 acres of low land, he cultivates paddy.

The young farmer got associated with Reliance Foundation 4 years ago and has now managed to reduce the input cost, avert possible losses, get more crop yield and earn more profit with its help.

Satyanarayan, who is quite keen on adapting modern farming technologies, follows step-wise crop advisories, fertiliser recommendation, seed treatment, plant protection measures offered by Reliance Foundation and saves more than Rs 60,000 per year.

He stated that by following the Reliance Foundation virtual advisories, he could save his ginger crop from root rot and, thereby, save Rs 40,000. Thus, he considers Reliance Foundation to be a ‘Virtual Plant Doctor’ for his crops.

Satyanarayan follows all news bulletins and audios shared by Reliance Foundation in the WhatsApp group and also follows its YouTube channel.

After a period of struggle, Satyanarayan is now well off financially. He has built a house of 1,200 square feet and also purchased a bike.

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