Odishaa! You Won’t Believe How Much Govt Spent On Media Ads To Promote Tourism

Bhubaneswar: State and national electronic media were paid over Rs 27 crore in the last five years to promote Odisha Tourism through advertisements


Replying to a starred question of BJD legislator Kishore Kumar Mohanty, Tourism Minister Jyoti Prakash Panigrahi on Thursday listed the year-wise amount paid to both state and national electronic media.

While Rs 3,89,84,371 was paid in 016-17, Rs 9.45 crore was spent in 2017-18, Rs 4.67 crore in 2018-19, and Rs 9,48,65,448 in 2020-21.

No expenditure was incurred on advertisements in 2019-20.

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There was a drastic fall in the number of tourists in the 2020 pandemic year when only 18.59 lakh visited Odisha as against 52 lakh in 2016, 57.04 lakh in 2017, 61.94 lakh in 2018 and 62.38 lakh in 2019, he added.

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