Outlook Group Editor-in-Chief Ruben Banerjee Shown The Door; They Knew This Was Coming

New Delhi: The Outlook Group has terminated the services of Group Editor-in-Chief Ruben Banerjee with immediate effect for allegedly having vitiated the atmosphere and working in an erratic manner.

In an email, CEO Indranil Roy said that Banerjee’s abrupt absence from work left Outlook stressed. “As CEO I think it will not augur well for the discipline and the future of the organisation even as you choose to continue in this erratic manner. The correspondence exchanged and your conduct have completely vitiated the atmosphere,” Roy said.

“Therefore, I write to inform you that I am compelled to terminate your contract with Outlook Publishing (India) Limited with immediate effect as per the terms of your agreement,” the email added.

Notably, Banerjee went on leave for a month on August 11. In an email sent to all employees, he wrote, “I am going on leave for a month from tomorrow. I will be in Delhi, but would prefer not to take any calls – at least for the first few days.”

It was then seen as Banerjee’s exit from the group. “Informally, we know that this was his last day in office. He was not asked to go on leave but the editor was being undermined by the management for quite some time,” a source was quoted as saying by Newslaundry.

Banerjee joined the Outlook group in April 2018 as editor-in-chief of Outlook weekly in English and in Hindi and Outlook Money. He was appointed editor-in-chief of all Outlook group publications and digital properties in June this year.

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