Parking Vehicles On Bhubaneswar Streets To Cost More; Know BMC’s Revised Rates


Bhubaneswar: Come April 1 and the commuters in the state capital will have to pay more for parking their vehicles at the designated lots in the city.

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has begun the process in this regard and has invited tenders for 32 parking lots in the city.

As per the revised parking fee released by BMC, the fee will be collected on hourly basis. This has been further divided into 4 different segments and the prices vary for two-wheelers, three and four wheelers.

As per the tender, the two wheeler owners will have to pay Rs 5 for upto 2 hours, Rs 15 for 2-3 hours, Rs 25 for 3-4 hours and Rs 35 for 4-5 hours for parking their vehicles.

Similarly, for auto-rickshaw, four wheeler (light) and four wheeler (heavy) vehicles, the charges are Rs 5, Rs 20 and Rs 25 for for upto 2 hours;

For 2 to 3 hours the charges for auto-rickshaw, four wheeler (light) and four wheeler (heavy) vehicles will be Rs 20, Rs 40 and Rs 50 respectively.

For 3 to 4 hours the charges for auto-rickshaw, four wheeler (light) and four wheeler (heavy) vehicles will be Rs 35, Rs 60 and Rs 75 respectively.

For 4 to 5 hours the charges for the three-wheelers and four wheelers light and heav vehicles will be Rs 50, Rs 80 and Rs 100 respectively.

The charges are 20 per cent extra for parking vehicles for more than five hours.

However, there will be no charges for bicycles, the BMC stated and added that electric vehicles will be given 40 per cent discount for parking under its jurisdiction.

A BMC official stated that the parking policy has been made to ensure that commuters to use public transport instead of travelling by their own vehicles in the city. There are limited parking zones under BMC for which commuters are parking their vehicles on road for hours, the official said and added that the new fee system will ensure less traffic congestion.

It may be mentioned here that yesterday the BMC had handed over two prime parking lots to the transgenders for fee collection. Those are Rajmahal to Master Canteen and from Master Canteen to Sriya Square.

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