Reverse Stealthing: Woman Sent To Jail For Poking Holes In Partner’s Condoms!!

Berlin: A German woman has been sentenced to six months in prison after being convicted of sexual assault.

What was the nature of sexual assault?

Well, the woman poked holes in her partner’s condoms without his knowledge so that she could become pregnant, The Daily Mail reported.

It was a rare case of reverse ‘stealthing’, as judge Astrid Salewski observed while pronouncing the judgment.

He said legal history was being made as the woman was charged with ‘stealthing’, which normally involves men removing or sabotaging their condom during intercourse without the woman’s knowledge.

The 39-year-old woman was reportedly in a casual relationship with a 42-year-old man. The court said the woman wanted to change the nature of their relationship by getting pregnant. However, she was unsuccessful in her attempt.

She then falsely informed her partner that she was pregnant by sabotaging the condoms. On hearing that, the man filed a criminal charge against her.

The woman initially faced charges of rape, which was later reduced to sexual assault.

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