Russia Ready For ‘Peace’ But Will Destroy Ukraine Military: Foreign Minister

Moscow: Russia is ready for peace talks, but won’t stop targeting Ukraine’s military facilities and bases, Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday.

A week after Vladimir Putin announced a military operation against Ukraine, delegations from both countries were due to sit across the table and talk about a possible ceasefire on Wednesday night a second time. But that meeting fell through as Ukraine demanded Russia should stop attacks before coming to the negotiation table.

Reuters reported that the second round of ceasefire talks will finally be held on Thursday evening. Ukrainian presidential adviser said its delegation is en route by helicopter.

The first round of talks took place in the Belarus border town of Gomel on Monday.

The Russians have submitted their demands to Ukraine officials, one of which is an assurance that the latter will never again represent a military threat.

Despite mounting pressure on Russia to stop the war, Putin’s troops continue heavy bombardment of Kharkiv after reportedly seized control of Kherson.

Ukraine President Zelensky has vowed to rebuild Ukraine after the war ends.

“Russia will reimburse us for everything they did against our state,” he said on Thursday.

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