SAI International Takes Students Through Virtual Teaching World Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Bhubaneswar: Amid the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19, SAI International School in Bhubaneswar has come up with its online learning initiative – SAI Cloud School to ensure the academic progress of the students while staying at home.

In-line with the other education institutions across the globe, the school is deliberating on rethinking and innovating its education models. And within a week, it has started teaching through its SAI Academic Management System (SAMS), an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

This virtual initiative comprises of a combination of theoretical resources in the form of notes and modules, along with a framework for face-to-face online classes powered by Zoom, a video-conferencing platform. Besides this, students have been provided with a unique ID and password to access various academic resources.

Each module is explained with a short-note backed by relevant videos. After the completion of the modules, there are certain warm-up and time-bound exercises related to the modules. The performance of the students helps the teachers to identify the strengths and the learning gaps if any.

Bringing in more smoothness in the teaching process, classes via Zoom in a way is promoting personalized learning. This made it possible for the students to have simulated face-to-face interaction with their subject teachers. The virtual classes are being conducted every day, and follow a structured time table which is shared in advance. Students also get the opportunity to clarify any doubts on the spot.

Least compromising on the discipline, a weekly timetable for the students is also shared through the SAMS, comprising of study time of six to seven hours each day. The timetable not only focuses on academics but also makes room for the students to practice their respective hobbies. Apart from this, the emphasis is also given on the comprehensive growth and development of the students through Yoga and Meditation.

The school has experienced faculty members who not only teach the students to shed their responsibility but also motivate them to follow the given timetable, and inspire them to do some form of indoor exercises every day.

Meanwhile, the school has been applauded for its efforts by the parents. The school management believes that the role of parents is extremely crucial during these unprecedented times as they can only ensure the punctuality of students and also the sincerity in completing the assignments.

“It is only with the parent’s supervision that SAI Cloud School has been successful. We believe that when we hold one hand of our SAIoneers, the parents hold the other hand, and this is how, together, we build their future,” the management says in its press release.

The school has been working tirelessly to provide seamless service to all the students and parents. Laying strong emphasis on building everlasting and happy bonds among the students and their families, SAI International School is driven with a gusto build a better India through education.

And through SAI Cloud School, they are burning midnight oil to cover the planned syllabus and teach their students in the most effective manner.

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