Surgical Sponge Left In Woman’s Stomach For 2 Years Removed In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Sometimes, a bloated stomach or pain in abdomen is just gas or the result of something one eats. But, for a woman in Odisha, her abdominal bloating turned out to be caused by a surgical sponge that was left in her body in 2019!

After the 35-year-old woman had undergone cesarean section in 2019 February at a local hospital, she developed pain in abdomen and had fever. Despite consultation with senior specialists, surgeons and gynecologists for over 1 year, her problem persisted. She even underwent laparoscopic surgeries 2 times but had recurrent problems. 

Finally, the woman went to AMRI Hospitals in Bhubaneswar and her full evaluation was done by Dr Soumen Roy, Consultant GI-surgeon. During the operation, the doctors found a gauze sponge between the colon and the abdominal wall.

“It was a 6-hour major GI surgery with multiple stitches in her intestine to remove the sponge. No post-operative complications have been found.” said Dr Roy. 

The woman recovered from her surgery and her bloating and pain in abdomen symptoms completely went away. She went home 10 days after her surgery.

“AMRI Hospitals has state-of-the-art advanced equipment, facilities and renowned consultants for this type of complex surgeries,” said Nilanjana Mukherjee, AVP Operations & Administration, Unit In-charge, AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar.

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