Tesla Makes Its One Millionth Car


Tesla, the American electric vehicle pioneering company, released its millionth production car. The announcement made by CEO Elon Musk was made on Twitter with a photo of a red Model Y – the company’s latest SUV.

Tesla, which makes fully electric cars, has dismissed by a huge margin.  critics who predicted that the California based carmaker won’t survive. Tesla launched its first car, the Roadster, in 2008 followed by the Model S and Model X in the premium segment. Tesla’s desirability was so high that its next car, the affordable Model 3 raked in four lakh pre-bookings without anyone taking a test drive.

Apart from industry leading battery range, fans love Teslas for their design and out-of-box gizmos such as self-driving Autopilot features.

Tesla is hoping to make five lakh cars worldwide in 2020, the biggest number for all-electric carmakers. Established automakers like Toyota or the Volkswagen Group each produce over ten million vehicles a year. 

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