UNICEF & NGOs Orgainse Festival Of Short Films On Nutrition For Children In Koraput


Koraput: To generate awareness on the importance of nutrition in children, UNICF, in association with Aaina and Sova, two voluntary organisations, organised a short film festival for children and women at Koraput on Monday.

As many as 10 short films of 30 and 90 seconds duration in the local tribal language were screened at the festival. The short films focused on the requirement of a balanced diet for growing children and ending gender discrimination in nutrition.

“To get a nutritional diet is the right of every child irrespective of the gender. Through this film festival, we want to make people aware about the importance of a balanced diet in a new born, infants and young children,” said Sneha Mishra, secretary of Aaina.

The organisers said that the films have been produced in the local tribal language for better acceptance and understanding by the tribal community of the region.

“Data reveals that the number of malnourished girl children is high against their male counterparts, which is a matter of great concern. Owing to discrimination between a male and a female child, girls mostly remain malnutritioned. Hence, through the films, it has been shown that there should not be any discrimination between a boy and a girl, as both require a balanced died for their physical and cognitive growth,” said Sanjit Patnaik, secretary of Sova.

The films also focus on the role of men and fathers in caring for women and children’s nutrition.

Over 200 tribal women and children from Koraput and Rayagada districts participated in the film festival.

“We hope that the participants of this film festival will disseminate information on the importance of nutrition among children in the rural and interior areas of these tribal districts,” said Patnaik.

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